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Flavin Realty has been a strong, family-owned brokerage and a mainstay in southwest Louisiana for over 40 years. In 2018, the grandson of Flavin’s founder bought the business, ushering in a new era at the company. While the Flavin family tradition and commitment to excellence are stronger than ever, new leadership meant a healthy serving of modernization, too. Before 2018, Flavin Realty was an old-school brokerage relying on old-school tools to do business. When it changed hands, it worked to create a website, invest in a CRM, and update its back office platform. At the time, it was confident it had found a vendor that fit its needs. Soon after, the original vendor was bought out, and the partnership Flavin Realty had originally relied on disappeared. Customer service deteriorated, the build out was never completed, and issues piled up. The Flavin Realty team realized the products it was using were causing more problems than solutions. At the end of 2019, it started looking for a new solution.

Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Crises create windows of opportunity, as well as a sense of urgency. “We realized we needed to re-evaluate,” said Melissa Hamilton, Sales Manager and Associate Broker at Flavin Realty. “The situation put a lot of things in perspective and focused our priorities. Our old system wasn’t working for us anymore, and we needed something we could rely on. A colleague in Baton Rouge who spoke really highly of Constellation1 referred us to them, and now we’re working together to build out our website and CRM, and to revamp our back office.”

An increasingly important aspect of the post-COVID landscape is the importance of mobile. A feature that helped convince Flavin Realty to choose Constellation1 was the CRM Mobile App, which routes leads and allows agents to access and input key information from anywhere, reducing complexity and improving usability. “Back in 2018, we needed our agents to switch mindsets and get used to the idea of writing a purchase agreement in a parking lot from their phone. Now, we need tools to be even more mobile, and the Constellation1 CRM app was a huge selling point for us.” Today, Flavin Realty agents are more mobile than ever—with the right tools at their fingertips.

Flavin CRM

As the world becomes more interconnected and digital natives become homebuyers, brokerages also need a way to work with the multitude of platforms used to buy and sell real estate today. The Flavin Realty team was especially excited about the Constellation1 integrations that pull in and distinguish leads from any number of different sources, so agents can manage them in one place. They were also excited about Constellation1’s social media integrations to promote new or existing listings on multiple social media platforms with a single click, saving a massive amount of time and putting listings in front of a maximum number of people. Cross-platform visibility is a huge asset for agents, which helps brokerages improve retention and satisfaction.

As businesses grow, they need tools that can scale and accommodate their growth. As Constellation1’s customers grow, so does Constellation1. In recent years, Flavin Realty has expanded from pure real estate sales to include property management (with a portfolio of over 400 properties), lawn and home services, including landscaping, a handyman service, and more. Incorporating all these service lines into a single platform was a priority, and at first, they weren’t sure it was possible. “When we started shopping around, we thought we would need to go with multiple vendors to connect our website and CRM to all of the other pieces we wanted,” said Beau Flavin, President and CEO of Flavin Realty. “When we found out Constellation1 was the connector, we were sold. We strive to be a one-stop-shop for all things real estate, and Constellation1 showed us why they’re the go-to provider for real estate solutions by working on both our front and back office.”

Beau Flavin

We strive to be a one-stop-shop for all things real estate, and Constellation1 showed us why they’re the go-to provider for real estate solutions by working on both our front and back office.

Beau Flavin, President and CEO of Flavin Realty

quotation mark showcases everything from robust MLS listing searches to various brokerage services.

Through this experience, Flavin Realty has learned some valuable lessons. For one, they realized the importance of shopping around. “We originally wanted to find a product fast, and in doing so, we didn’t do all of our research,” said Beau. “In 2018, we sprang for the first product we found. This time, we really did our research, and Constellation1 checked all of our boxes.”

At Flavin Realty, long-term, value-added cooperation is the key to their success. The same is true of Constellation1. “Flavin Realty doesn’t just sell homes. When you list with them, they can repaint your house and mulch your flower beds for better curb appeal. They can market the listing over dozens of channels. If an inspection uncovers a minor repair, their handyman can fix it. They tailor their services for each customer. And that’s exactly what we do for our customers, too,” said Andrew Binkley, President of Constellation1. “Flavin Realty has a vision for expanding its business in the future, and we are proud that our solution makes it easy for them to succeed.”

“Constellation1 is a cut above. Their customer service has been phenomenal, and they’ve been able to deliver everything we’ve requested,” Melissa said. “We know they’re burning the midnight oil for us, and we can’t wait to use our new system to its full potential.”

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