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“I am a one-person relocation service center. It was a tremendous blessing to learn of Constellation1 Relocation at a conference many years ago. I could never handle the volume of leads and process all the required updates without it. Jim and his staff have always been very supportive and responsive.”

Linda Oliver, Real Estate III

Express Forms
  • Streamline processes for incoming or outgoing referrals
  • Populate required fields in Express Forms
  • Easily associate Action Plans
  • Send update requests, client letters and more
  • Identify the recipient and send schedule
  • Repeat AutoPilots as needed!
  • Keep track of all To-Do items
  • Track completion
  • Monitor ‘update requests’ not yet completed by agents
Referral Submit Form
  • Efficiently collect referrals on your website
  • Share the link in email or in your email signature to make it easy to submit
  • Populate your database with a quick form and a click
Action Plans
  • Easily set up an action plan to manage the new referral process
  • Choose the steps in your action plans, such as:
    – email a custom referral letter
    – assign the referral
    – schedule frequent referral check-ins
    – connect with the agent
    – and more!
Worldwide ERC BMA form
  • Enjoy state of the art digitalization
  • Collaborate with your agent in real time
  • Cut down on other subscription costs
Relocation Record and Management Software

With Constellation1 Relocation
you can:

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Create custom letters

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Create referral teams

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Monitor all form responses

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Schedule report distribution

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Give agent access to assigned records

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Access employee records

Constellation1 Relocation gives you:

Lead capturing
Online relocation lead capture forms allow Relocation Directors to easily secure new leads from agents and contacts.
Lead follow-up

Action plans in the software allow Relocation Directors to assign existing follow-up systems to automatically manage the relocation lead sales process or customize an action plan to allow a unique experience based on department best practices.


Easily send and secure signed referral agreements, and effectively store them under each customer.

Status updates

After an agreement is secured, scheduled status updates are sent from and received by the system to easily manage the entire lead workflow.

Lead reporting
and tracking

Track and manage the effectiveness of each agent, office, and the department in general.

Department communication

Easily communicate with clients, agents, contacts, and internal staff with our efficient email capabilities.


Lead integration

Integrating third-party applications to more efficiently communicate between products.

Custom lead capture forms

Allows Relocation Directors to more effectively brand material, automate systems, and more efficiently streamline the lead process.

Additional users and databases available



Constellation1 Relocation

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  • $2500 one user/database
  • $250 per additional user license


  • LeadingRE
  • Cartus
  • OpCity
  • HomeLight
  • Veterans United
  • Constellation1 eSign (coming soon)

Advanced Custom Development

  • Custom pages, reports and other database-related features are available at additional cost. See “Pricing” for the current costs.
  • Contact us for more information on Custom Development, if needed.
  • Development of custom data imports and exports is available.
  • Additional tables and other web-related features may be added at additional cost.

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