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Constellation1 has

95% coverage

of MLSs in the US
ActivePipe leverages

70+ MLS integrations

from Constellation1 Data Services
ActivePipe saw their sales grow

30% in the US

in Q2 2020

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Real estate runs on data. The most successful brokerages today are harnessing data to market to prospects, convert leads, show properties, and seal deals. The amount of data is mind boggling, and it can be overwhelming to think about where to start to get data to do the heavy lifting for your business.

Take the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), for example. The US currently has approximately 650 MLSs, each dancing to its own tune. MLSs are organized by region and are not centrally managed by any single organization or company. They generate and collect an enormous amount of data—data that brokerages can harness for incredible results. Brokerages have two options: manage individual relationships with each MLS or work with a provider that can do it for them. The former isn’t scalable because each MLS is unique: they collect and organize data differently. Nothing is standardized or consistent, which is a potential recipe for disaster. The smart solution: partner with a data services provider like Constellation1 that specializes in doing data management the right way.

Constellation1 has relationships with more than 500 of the 650 MLSs in the United States. Its data team knows MLS data inside and out, cleaning it, normalizing it, and removing inconsistencies to make it useful and actionable. The team skillfully handles the many compliance issues that arise from using MLS data and takes the burden of managing these relationships off its partners’ plates.

How ActivePipe Partners with Constellation1 Data Services

One of the newest partners to leverage Constellation1 data services is ActivePipe. ActivePipe provides an agent and brokerage-level digital marketing solutions. Users easily create emails that display dynamic content according to the contact’s profile. Scalable, brokers can send 1000s of individually customized emails in minutes on behalf of agents. ActivePipe sends real-time reporting on prospect’s interactions so agents can immediately follow up on the hottest leads. The power behind ActivePipe’s product: solid data.

For ActivePipe’s customers, the key to successful email campaigns is quality data, and that includes property feeds. The more quality data that is available, the more opportunities agents have to market to their prospects.

ActivePipe upgraded to Constellation1 because they were in search of a partner with the most expansive MLS reach and high quality, reliable data. Thanks to ActivePipe’s partnership with Constellation1, they can now offer all the data in one or even multiple MLSs, resulting in more opportunities to match the right contact with the right property. Now both listing agents and buyer agents have access to data that grows their business. This aggregation of data is Constellation1’s strong suit. Constellation1 data services provides a uniform MLS data feed, allowing brokerages to market the most complete set of listings available.

When asked to describe their collaboration with Constellation1, David Greenbaum, ActivePipe’s Senior Director of Regional Sales, used one word: incredible.

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From the sales process through implementation, Constellation1 has really shined and stood out by working to strike a deal that makes sense not only for both of us, but the brokerages, agents, and ultimately the clients they serve.

David Greenbaum, ActivePipe’s Senior Director of Regional Sales

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Greenbaum goes on to say, “Our priority is getting clients to maximize the value of ActivePipe as quickly as possible. More than anything else, this comes down to effective and efficient onboarding.” For its part, Constellation1 knows a thing or two about efficient onboarding. Constellation1 ensured ActivePipe was up and running quickly, which in turn has allowed ActivePipe to onboard their own clients more efficiently. Open communication, paired with Constellation1’s responsiveness, kept the integration on schedule with minimal disruption. “Everything we were promised has been perfectly mirrored in what we’ve experienced post sales,” Greenbaum went on to say. ActivePipe and Constellation1 know the value of partnerships. Together, their clients now have better data, photos, and ultimately better campaigns for their customers, all powered by the most reliable MLS data available. In 2020 Q2, ActivePipe expanded into new markets and increased its US sales by 30%.

Does ActivePipe have any advice on switching data partners?

David Greenbaum says that the most important thing is knowing exactly what will happen once the ink is dry. “We spoke with multiple respected vendors, and Constellation1 took the time to understand our needs and create customized terms to meet them.” The expectation set during the sales process around feed turnaround times and data support have all been routinely met. This consistency has created trust and built what is sure to be a long-lasting relationship. Constellation1’s data team has the expertise and the experience to back it up, with more than 20 years of experience providing MLS data services and numerous dedicated team members.

“During these difficult times, we asked ourselves how can we help our clients succeed?” said Greenbaum, “It came down to customer service. We ramped up support to meet a usage surge, continue to host top industry expert panels to make sure agents have the best knowledge available, and provide seamless integrations with the highest level of data integrity.”

Brokerages know digital marketing strategies are crucial as the world moves to more online interactions. Greenbaum says, “It’s not just about adapting for a crisis, but coming out better on the other side.” Moving forward, virtual communication and interaction will be more important than ever. Reliable data, provided by a reliable data partner, is the foundation.

November 30, 2022

Take your business to the next level with Constellation1 Data Services.

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